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Hey There

28 Jan

I’ve been in a big old funk lately! I went on a date with this guy I met online and he never emailed me back. I’m kinda sick of being single. I’d really just like someone to hang out with, if it turns to more then super.

I just turned 40 too on the 10th and I was a little depressed about it. I’ve realized though, I still feel the same inside. I thought when I turned 40 I’d magically feel OLD! Turns out I still feel the same as I did before.

Here’s me in my birthday hat lol

I’ve also been having crafting ADD. I’ve started a million projects and only finished a few. I got my sister in law and me a Boye Round Loom Set. What a lot of fun they are! I’ve already finished a hat and started a scarf for my dad. Here is the hat.

I love the pink!

I promise I’ve been reading your blogs too!