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Nom nom nom

2 Oct

Mom, Chelebear, and I went to Michael’s and Barnes & Noble today. I got a few crafty things at Michael’s, which I will share later but I HAD to get this.

It’s an amigurumi kit! I had to have it lol. I can’t WAIT to make the cupcakes!

I’d seen some french toast, and I started free handing it I cant wait to finish it.


Run run runaround

2 Oct

Wow today was so busy. Girl trip to Joann’s fabrics and to lunch with Mom, Denise, Chelebear (daughter), Anna Banana(neice) and me. I got some new fun stuff.

The fabric on the left was so pretty I had to get it for a scarf. The middle fabric is for Chelebear’s maxidress for Vegas and the fabric to the right is soon to be my crochet/knitting bag.

I know I know HORRID picture. This is a four picture frame. I’ve plans to spray paint it pink and put in a couple pics of my favorite ladies.

Lunch was lovely we all had soup and salad at Olive Garden.  I love girl days :.)


1 Oct

I dont own many rings but the ones I DO have I love.  I have fat fingers so I usually shop for rings at Torrid.

All of these are from Torrid except the pink rose on the top right I got that from Pier 1 Imports. The squirrel is my favorite

Crafting Goodies

28 Sep

I stopped by the store today and got some fun things for the craft box.

I got some proper crafting scissors, a package of yarn needles, 2 packages of buttons, and a how to booklet on knitting



I needed the yarn needles to finish my crocheted roses I started


26 Sep

I love the Monster High dolls. Draculaura is my fav of course (she’s a vampire AND she wears pink!) But I’d like to collect all the dolls including these two I’ve only just seen.

she’s so cute! Spectra is super hard to find though. But not as hard to find as Abbey!

So far I’ve only seen them online. Maybe there will be more of them out when Christmas rolls around.


26 Sep

I’m not sure if it’s a prerequisite, for being a girlie girl, but I love shoes. Unfortunately I have a hard time finding them in my size, the nongranny awesome type anyway. Reading some of the blog from lovely UK ladies I have discovered a awesome brand called Irregular Choice. They have such fun shoes! Even the one’s I think are kinda ugly are at least, still interesting to look at. They’re like art.

I know American femme’s can order them online. I’m going to do more research and see if we have stores that carry them.

New Goodies!

23 Sep

Today’s picture is of my new goodies. I got these at Forever 21 (Duh). Both necklaces were $3.80 each and the earrings were $1.50 each. I don’t know if you can tell but the roses are glittery! They have such cute things and so reasonably priced!