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12 Oct

Just a quick post to share this with everyone. I want this keyboard

If you click on the picture it will take you to their website.  I love the buttons!



9 Oct

I made cupcakes! I’m pretty proud of myself. It’s been really hard to get off my butt and do stuff lately (and by lately I mean the last 2 yrs :P) But I really wanted to make them and I did woot


Of course they’re pink. What else would they be?


Pink Kitchenaid

8 Oct

Ok every time I look at the Kitchenaid pink line I drool

❤ Kitchenaid


6 Oct

I think geisha’s are so interesting. The whole culture is just fascinating.

They’re so graceful and talented.


Tickled Pink

30 Sep

My name is Karlene and I’m a nail biter. It’s funny cause I quit smoking about 12 or 13 years ago, cold turkey too,  but I just have the worst time keeping my fingers out of my mouth.  Sad but true, I’ve bitten through everything you can put on your nails. I even had false nails done at the salon and finally even bit THOSE off. I’ve found the easiest way to keep myself from biting them is as soon as I get that feeling like I want to bite I take the current polish off and repaint them.  I used to have all kinds of colors and I’d use them. Then some time around 37 I stopped using any color besides pink. I’d paint them yellow , green or even blue, I’d let them dry and then I’d think I’d rather have them pink. So I’d repaint them. I’m not sure what pink does for me but sometimes I’ll think to myself I need to go buy something small just a trinket or what not but it always ends up being pink.  So here’s the nail polish collection.

top row from the left is Sally Hansen Disco Ball the best glitter I’ve ever used, Hard Candy Fabuluxe, Sally Hansen Black Out the one color I have besides pink heehee, Cover Girl Crystal Mist, Wet & Wild 46OD,  and Pure Ice Spitfire.

Second row from the left Sinful Colors Glass Pink(they have some really awesome colors), Revlon Posh Pink, Sally Hansen Baby Doll,  Pure Ice First Love, Pure Ice Pink Ice, Pure Ice Peony, Pure Ice Love, Sally Hansen Strawberry Icing, and Sally Hansen Crystal Strawberry.

I keep finding new shades to buy at the store, my daughter says I need help haha.

I cant help it, looking at the color pink makes me happy 🙂

Here they are in a row on my cork board next to my desk.

Creative Space

23 Sep

This is my desk. My dad and son built the shelf over it. My brother and I painted it.  Upon it are things I love, mostly goodies from friends and family.

Lady of Leisure

22 Sep

I want one of these so bad. I’m in the process of convincing my dad to make me one. Growing up dad made a lot of stuff for us. I had some awesome Barbie furniture. So because mom and dad are so handy we grew up with the motto I want something, lets try and make it, how hard can it be?

By the way, usually it’s not that hard to make things myself, but then I have a very talented family.