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It’s A Small World

7 Mar

I wanted to thank you all for the well wishes. I feel a little better but the pain is still there so I have to go in for a sonogram and some xrays.

I ran into an old boyfriend the other day. It was very surreal. I was just thinking of him. I was thinking I wonder what he’s up to and if he is on facebook or something and I thought I’ll have to look and see when I get home. I was sitting with my sister in law at an office and I’ve seen the security guards before but you know how you don’t always pay attention when you’re in a hurry ? There was a lady with some kids there and the kids were sitting in the walk way and the security guard came over and told them they’d have to move. He walked away and had to come back to tell them to move again and suddenly his voice clicked in my head.

I looked at his name tag and almost passed out. I grabbed Denise’s arm and said his name. He walked over to us and it WAS him. So weird. We talked for a while and I got his number and email address.


What A Pain In The ….

1 Mar

So I wasn’t feeling all that great on Sunday but I figured it was a little bug and I’d probably be feeling tip top in time for Monday, that’s how it works isn’t it?

Pain got WORSE Monday though. I got up and went to my job search class anyway. By Monday night the pain was so bad I couldn’t really stand or lay down. So by the time I went to bed it hurt bad enough that I couldn’t sleep very well.

I got up Tuesday morning and the pain was just about as bad. Went to job search again and tried to make an appointment with my doctor but she wasn’t available till the beginning of April! So I took some Advil and went to bed.

I got up this morning and the pain was still bad. I called the clinic number and made an appointment for 2pm. I got to the clinic on time but waited till about 3:15pm to be seen.  I guess I should mention that the pain is right under my boob by my ribs on my left side. She poked my side a bit, had me pee in a cup and they took blood.  Plus I have to go back to the clinic for xrays and an ultrasound. They’re doing tests to see if I’m pregnant or have STD’s which would be some kinda miracle HA.

On the upside we (My SIL, and daughter) went to The Clay Oven for lunch. I love Indian food but there’s so little of it here in Fairfield. It was amazing and very reasonably priced. Just $42 and that’s with tip!

What’s your fav food?

Happy Valentines Day!

15 Feb

Happy Heart Day! I love V Day. It’s about love what’s not to love about love?!

I got a few presents from an awesome guy

The white cube is a color changing light up Hello Kitty clock, next to that is a box of pink shimmery gaming dice, next is Fairytale the unicorn and they’re all sitting on top of a box of pink Legos.  I also got this cool fiber optic thing for my hair but I forgot to put it in the picture.

Hope you guys all had a great day ❤


My Hair

9 Feb

Is brown. It’s brown again, I hate it. I’m going through a program at the moment where these people help you find a job, they said no odd colors. Apparently pink is an odd color.

I am thankful for the help and I know brown hair will increase the odds of my getting a job so I dyed it back to brown.

But I hate it.

4 Feb

My name is Karlene and I am a craftoholic, with ADD!

I can’t help it.. I see something neat on Pintrest, Etsy or on a fellow bloggers page and I think OMG that’s awesome I want to TRY that!

The problem is, I don’t finish ALL of them. I have half finished crochet, felt, decoupage, painting and all kinds more stuff.  I found I pink fairy castle box and I want to make one SOOOOO bad! I found an earring hanger made from perforated sheet metal and I want to make that too!! I

I need to wrap up some stuff THEN start new stuff.

Ya right

Valentines Day is SO close!



Christmas Survey

10 Dec

I know I’ve been a slack blogger lately but I was on Jennifer’s blog  Life, Crafts,& Whatever and thought I’d play along too!


1. egg nog or hot chocolate? Hot cocoa with marshmallows pls!
2. does santa wrap presents or just sit them under the tree? Wrapped of course 🙂
3. colored lights on tree/house or white? I prefer white lights, but I live with my parents so we do it their way
4. do you hang mistletoe? No
5. when do you put your decorations up? About 2 weeks before Christmas.
6. what is your favorite holiday dish? Ham or stuffing mmmmmm
7. favorite holiday memory as a child?   My dad has always been really good at woodworking , when we were kids he used to make us something really special 🙂
8. when and how did you learn the truth about santa? What do you mean the truth about Santa?
9. do you open a gift on christmas eve? No way
10. how do you decorate your christmas tree?  We usually have a pretty tall tree and it’s covered with ornaments on the top that were my great grandmothers. The middle and bottom have sturdier ornaments, colored lights and tinsel of course
11. snow! love it or dread it? Dread it. Fortunately I don’t have to deal with it anymore 🙂
12. can you ice skate? Nope
13. do you remember your favorite gift? The ones dad made us definitely!
14. what’s the most important thing about the holidays for you? My family, and making sure my kids have a great time.
15. what is your favorite holiday dessert? Is there a dessert besides pumpkin pie?
16. what is your favorite holiday tradition? Being around family 🙂
17. what tops your tree? A star
18. which do you prefer: giving or receiving?  Oh giving absolutely.
19. candy canes: yuck or yum? Yum!
20. favorite christmas show?  A Christmas Carol
21. saddest christmas song? Blue Christmas
22. what is your favorite christmas song?  Santa Baby by Eartha Kitt

Holy Holly

28 Nov

I know I haven’t blogged in a while but I had to pass this fun giveaway on to you all. I am new to The Fashion Turd ‘s blog but she’s a ton of fun and SOOO colorful  AAAAND she’s having a giveaway ANNNND the FABULOUS Helga from Helga von Trollop has donated a prize to the giveaway and there are so many lovely things in it besides.

I’ve been soooo busy with Thanksgiving and Christmas that I havent made it back to Joanns to get fabric for Bear’s dress. I’m a slacker I KNOW!! I have been crocheting my hands off like MAD though.  When I’m done with my blanket and the dress I’ll DEFINITELY post pics!