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What A Pain In The ….

1 Mar

So I wasn’t feeling all that great on Sunday but I figured it was a little bug and I’d probably be feeling tip top in time for Monday, that’s how it works isn’t it?

Pain got WORSE Monday though. I got up and went to my job search class anyway. By Monday night the pain was so bad I couldn’t really stand or lay down. So by the time I went to bed it hurt bad enough that I couldn’t sleep very well.

I got up Tuesday morning and the pain was just about as bad. Went to job search again and tried to make an appointment with my doctor but she wasn’t available till the beginning of April! So I took some Advil and went to bed.

I got up this morning and the pain was still bad. I called the clinic number and made an appointment for 2pm. I got to the clinic on time but waited till about 3:15pm to be seen.  I guess I should mention that the pain is right under my boob by my ribs on my left side. She poked my side a bit, had me pee in a cup and they took blood.  Plus I have to go back to the clinic for xrays and an ultrasound. They’re doing tests to see if I’m pregnant or have STD’s which would be some kinda miracle HA.

On the upside we (My SIL, and daughter) went to The Clay Oven for lunch. I love Indian food but there’s so little of it here in Fairfield. It was amazing and very reasonably priced. Just $42 and that’s with tip!

What’s your fav food?