A Little Me

17 Sep

I decided today to actually write a little bit about myself. I know, you can’t wait to hear all about me! Not!

My name is Karlene. I’m 39 at the moment. I am the mother of two fun and unique children. Michele who is 22 and Eric who is 16. I am at the end of a divorce, I was married for 17 years. Please don’t be sorry, we weren’t very nice to each other, not his fault, not mine. I live with my parents and I’m trying to get my GED I think it’s probably past time to get that done.

I love being a girl, woman, female, chick whatever you wanna call us. As females I feel we get the better end of the deal. I can indeed love soft and feminine things, but at the same time women can also love things on the masculine side as well. I love the color pink. I’ve made decisions based on it. I was given a Kindle as a gift, if I hadn’t I probably would have bought the ereader from Sony… because it comes in pink. Fortunately for me,  my friend also got me a pink case for my Kindle 🙂 I like jewelry, it doesn’t have to be expensive jewelry. Actually I prefer costume or what they now call ‘Fashion’ jewelry. It’s fun and less costly. Clothes are tough for me to find in my size and price range but I watch sales closely and sometimes even Walmart has cute things. I love flower prints, soft feminine fabrics and cuts. I would like to wear more dresses but it’s tough finding ones that fit right.

I’m almost 40. I hate that I’ve gotten almost to 40. Always to me, 40 meant the end of fun. I felt that I would magically turn into Frumpy Old Lady Karlene when 40 came. So far it’s not happening, but then it’s not January 10th yet! I just dyed my hair pink. If you didn’t know me, you’d probably just chuck it up to midlife crisis or something similar. However most people who DO know me, know I’ve been going through my midlife crisis since I was about 22. I’ve refused to ‘grow up’ .  I still color in colorbooks, it’s very relaxing. I play video games, Zelda and World of Warcraft are my favorites. I’m not sure who decided when you get older you have to stop having fun, but they were WRONG.

I live in California, I love it here.  The farthest I’ve gone out of California is Reno, Nevada. Now I would love to travel but it takes money and time and I’ve never had both of those at once.


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