Jane Eyre

15 Sep

Jane Eyre is my favorite book. The first time I read it I was in 7th grade I think, we were assigned the book for a week I think, I never gave my copy back. I have about 4 copies including the Kindle version, which was the first book I put on my Kindle. I love the story. Jane is poor and plain and even when she meets Mr Rochester, falls in love with him and he asks her to be his wife, when she finds out he is already married, she does the right thing even though it means giving up all she knows and loves. In the end she does get her man, and a family which is all she’s ever craved. I love the message it gives, be yourself and you can be happy.  I’ve seen almost every version of the movie that I know of. When the new one came out I was SO excited. My sister in law Denise and I looked for somewhere that was playing the movie and it seemed like the closest was Hollywood, I was so bummed I figured I’d have to wait till it came out on DVD. One day while I was looking online for when it was coming out on DVD I noticed that a tiny theater in Sacramento, CA was playing the new Jane Eyre! My sister in law Denise said she’d be happy to take me to see it and we made plans and went there and watched it. The experience was WONDERFUL! Too bad the movie was HORRIBLE!

My favorite version is still the one with Samantha Morton and Ciaran Hinds


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